Ministry of the Sick

If you someone you love needs the assistance of the ministers of the sick, please contact the Parish Office using this form so that your needs may be addressed.

 Ministry Description
Is your talent being able to share kindness and prayer with someone not well or unable to be in the community? Ministers to the Sick are entrusted with the special care of the sick and home-bound of our parish community. By regular visitation, by administration of the Eucharist and by genuine care and concern they extend the loving presence of the Church to those who are separated from the body of the Church by illness.

Ministry Title: Minister to the Sick and Shut-ins.

Goals of the Ministry: To provide compassionate and caring visitation of the sick and shut-ins of the parish through regular visits.

Benefits: The minister will gain new skills and knowledge, meet new people, experience new challenges, have the opportunity to help others and use their talents and spirituality in serving the Lord.

Skills Needed: The minister should be able to listen to the concerns of others without judging. Visit those assigned on a regular basis. Participate in continuing education courses that are offered throughout the year.

Training: Each minister will attend the basic workshop for the new Ministers of the Sick and accompany an experienced Minister of the Sick on 2 - 3 visitations before moving out on their own.

Commitment: A Minister to the Sick, after completing the initial training program, is commissioned to serve as a Minister to the Sick by the Bishop of Orlando for a period of five (5)years.

Re-certification: The Ministers to the Sick who wish to be re-certified are asked to attend continuing education courses. Many of these programs are offered through the parish, the Diocese or the Ministry to the Sick Coordinator. There are a variety of programs offered that would assist one in renewing their certification for another five (5) year period.

Who Are the Ministers to the Sick?
Ministers to the Sick are ordinary people who commit themselves to the visitation of the sick, nursing home residents, the hospitalized, shut-ins and their caregivers. This visitation is called Pastoral Care and is one of the most ancient ministries of the Church.
A ministry once open to all baptized persons, the care of the sick and dying, became a ministry for priests and religious over the years. With the renewal brought by Vatican II, the right of the baptized to care for one another's needs was restored. It is a serious commitment and a powerful witness to the love and care of God. Pastoral Care has a dual purpose:
First, attentive listening to the cares and concerns for another as a representative of the Christian Community to which the sick or shut-in belongs. This visitation may include conversations, prayer, and the Eucharist.
Second, the minister is to represent to the community the suffering and needs of those visited, so that the Body of Christ might find healing through mutual love.

For more information about serving in this ministry, please contact the parish office.