Online giving campaign

As we continue to come back to Church after fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize many things have changed: our livelihood, our relationships, our families and friends, our country, and our parish faith community among so many other things. In an attempt to return to a sense of normality, we all make efforts to return to familiar places. Holy Redeemer is doing this as well. One of the ways is to reconnect with our sense of charity and giving.

Holy Redeemer relies on all of us to "give from that which God first gave us." Our ministries rely on gifts of - Time, Talent, and Treasure - that are then reinvested into our worship, community, outreach, and formation of adults and children. So, now we are asking for your help in supporting our parish mission; to reinvest yourselves to help our community grow and thrive. Below, you will see material that is part of our Online Giving Campaign. Thank you so much for your support and presence at Holy Redeemer. We are blessed by God bringing you to us, and pray that we may grow stronger and more faithful as a family of God.

In English

A Simple Summary and Q&A about our program

A letter from Fr. Luis Salazar, our pastor

En Español

Un simple resumen y preguntas sobre nuestro programa

Una carta del P. Luis Salazar, nuestro párroco