Marriage Preparation

The marriage preparation process is designed to guide engaged couples towards a sacramental marriage celebration and provide essential tools to live out this lifelong covenant. Here you will find all information necessary to celebrate your Marriage at ​Holy Redeemer.

Congratulations! The Catholic community of Holy Redeemer rejoices with you on your decision to be married in the Catholic Church. To help you prepare for the celebration of your wedding, we have some guidelines for you to remember to keep the sacredness of the Sacrament of Marriage and enhance the significance and sentiment of your wedding day. Likewise, the Canon Law of the universal Catholic Church and Diocesan regulations have to be observed.

Foremost, Church law requires that both of you must be free to marry, that is, neither of you was married before. If there has been a previous marriage, be it Catholic, non-Catholic, or civil, an annulment must be completed before a wedding date can be scheduled. The priest will assist you in starting this process. Other documents, in addition to the decree of annulment, may be required, namely, death certificate of the previous spouse (if applicable), canonical dispensations, and permissions (if necessary). 


First Step: Marriage Inquiry Form

Wedding Preparation Guidelines and Checklist:   English   Spanish



  1. Read through this webpage to learn about the marriage preparation.
  2. Complete this marriage inquiry form.
  3. After you fill out the Inquiry Form, our marriage coordinator will be in touch with you to get you started on your marriage preparation process. 

The whole preparation process generally takes six to eight months during which period the following requirements have to be done and complied with:

  1. Present an updated certificate of baptism issued within a month after the initial meeting with the priest.  This certificate includes dates and places of your First Communion and Confirmation, respectively. 
  2. Schedule an appointment with the priest.
    1. Four forms called B-form will be given by the priest at the initial interview. This form requests the couple to name two witnesses (usually parents or close relatives) each who know you sufficiently well and to state that you are free to marry. This document must be filled out by the witnesses and be signed before a notary public or a priest. 
  3. Complete the on-line Fully Engaged Inventory/Questionaire. The session will be created by the Parish Office staff. You will be notified via email with the link to start the inventory session. 
  4. If Marriage Annulment is needed, the marriage preparation process shall begin ONLY after the receipt of the Final Decree from the Marriage Tribunal.
  5. Attend an information session about Natural Family Planning. Information about this session will be given by the parish office. 
  6. Attend a retreat/workshop. A list of upcoming workshops indicating time and location can be accessed on the Diocese of Orlando website Marriage Preparation page HERE.
  7. A mentor couple will be assigned to discuss the results of the Fully Engaged Questionnaire. This may take 3 or more meeting times.
  8. Wedding date may ONLY be reserved after completion of steps 1 thru 4.

(Note:  All required documents must be completed and submitted to the priest or to the Parish Office at the required time).

Time and date for the wedding depends on the availability of the church and the priest. Weddings on a Saturday are scheduled at the latest at 12:00pm. We do not offer weddings on Sundays.                                                          
The couple is required to obtain a marriage license at least a month before the ceremony.
Generally, rehearsals are scheduled the day before the wedding but other arrangements can be arranged with the Parish Office.
Holy Redeemer Church does not charge for the sacrament but appreciates donations from couples for the use of the church and music.

Parishioners: $600

Non-Parishioners $750

Please call the office for more information. 


  1. Music selected for the wedding should be appropriate for a liturgical celebration. A music wedding guide, both for English and Spanish, prepared by the Music Minister contains a list of music pieces you can choose from. For any questions, please contact the Music Minister, at ext 233.
  2. Readings suggested by the Church are found in the “Together for Life” booklet which will be given to the couple. The Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Word consists of three readings: one from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, and one from the Gospels. You may choose any from these three options. It is also fine to have someone read the Prayers of the Faithful. Once selected, please advise the Parish Office by email or phone of your selections as these will be prepared for your designated readers.
  3. Flowers to decorate the church is allowed. We, however, request that no fresh flowers are strewn in the aisles. These are slipping hazards and difficult to clean up before the next church event. The tossing of flowers, confetti, rice or birdseed is strictly prohibited for the same reason. The same request applies to the use of floor runners.
  4. Photographers at your wedding are welcome. They are, however, not allowed to take pictures from the altar area of the sanctuary and should not be intrusive during your celebration.

Note: The church does not provide cultural accessories for your wedding, like lazos, arras, guest book, or programs.
The church is a sacred place. We expect everyone to dress appropriately. 

For any additional questions about Marriage Preparation, please contact our parish office.